We do this:

  • Management

    We serve our clients with significant and lasting improvements of their business and to register important goals.

  • Change Management

    We can offer strategic change management for large and small companies in all areas of work. Our misson is always to deliver change that lasts.

  • Marketing

    We are equipped with marketing services for all types of businesses and that have all kinds of budget. We can deliver services with experience within:

    • Marketing planning.
    • Packaging and point-of-sale.
    • Identity development

  • Sales

    We perform consulting assignments within telemarketing, sales, sales coaching and sales training in both B2C and B2B.

  • Architectural engineering

    We help our clients to create buildings using BIM. With this design a 3D model is created that makes it possible for visualizations and to gather informations about the building such as quantifcation.

We are lundqvist

We are a family-owned consulting company. We offer business and construction services for companies, organizations and private individuals.

Gullan Lundqvist

070-887 22 44
E-postadress: gullan@www.lundqvist-consulting.com

Örjan Lundqvist
Senior Manager

070-399 83 76
E-postadress: orjan@www.lundqvist-consulting.com

Jacob Lundqvist
Architectural Engineer

072-173 31 99
E-postadress: jacob@www.lundqvist-consulting.com

Johan Lundqvist
Sales Manager

073-320 15 44
E-postadress: johan@www.lundqvist-consulting.com

You can find us here:

Leopolds gata 12
584 37, Linköping

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